Catch More Fish By Learning How to Use Chironomids

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For The Fly Fisher Who Loves Fishing, But Wants Better Results

Forgive us for stating the obvious, but when you head to the lake, you want to catch fish, right? 

You need to be a master of every tool in the fishing arsenal, and that includes chironomid fishing. On average, 40% of lake trout's diet is made up of chironomids. During chironomid breaching periods, fly casting won't work because the fish aren't eating adult flies. If you don't know how to fish effectively using chironomids, you are throwing away 40% of your fishing days.

Once you learn the secrets of Chironomid fishing, you'll know  which chironomids to use, at which time of the year, for which water, to catch which type of fish!

We're Rob and Ben, and we've been fishing for the better part of 30 years. We've learned from experience how to read the environment to find the fish, and use simple equipment and simple techniques to get to those moments of excitement when you land a fish.

We're going to show you, in 9 straight-forward lessons, what you need to know so you can have the same results we do, and catch more fish with Chironomids.


Chironomid Combo Pack

To make sure you have everything you need to become a success with Chironomids, we've combined these three valuable products into one combo offer for only $39! The flies alone retail for $36 plus tax!

What you will get in the Fly Fishing Entomology eBook:
  • What Chironomids are, and how to identify them
  • Mayflies, Midges, Caddisflies, Stoneflies, Scuds, Shrimp, Worms, Dragonflies, Damselflies, Water Boatmen
  • Chironomid life cycle, timing it with the season and why it matters
  • Which fish eat which types of Chironomids
  • What identifying the Chironomids in your chosen water will tell you about the fish that live there
What you will get in this course:

9 easy to follow video lessons including:

  • The equipment: what you need and DON'T need
  • How to read the water to know where the fish will be
  • Flies! There are so many flies you can get or make. We show you which ones are which, what they work for, and when to use them.
  • How to read the environment to know what the fish are eating
  • What techniques to use, and for which flies
  • Chironomid fishing tactics

We've deliberately kept this simple.  This is the A-Z of fishing with Chironomids, but it's easy to understand, and we demonstrate with examples so you can do it yourself.

What you will get in the Chironomid Fly pack:
  • 12 quality flies, representing stage, colour and size so you can catch in almost any conditions. These are the highest quality flies available, and normally retail for $3 per fly!
After taking this course, you will:
  • Be able to pick which equipment to use
  • Be able to determine what the fish are eating, and which flies to use
  • Know what different types of fish eat at different times of year
  • Know what flies to use in which circumstances
  • Know what bad practices and habits look and feel like so they can avoid them.
  • Know how to pick a good fishing spot
  • Catch more fish by being able to use Chironomids!

About Rob and Ben

Rob is the founder member of the BC Fly Guys - a community that provides all types of resources to fly fishers. Rob and Ben having been fishing for the better part of 30 years, honing their skills and becoming experts in fly fishing, with a specialty in Chironomids.

They teach Chironomid Fly Fishing courses live to classes in Kamloops, BC. We were lucky enough to partner with them for this project and take advantage of their wealth of experience and knowledge.

What Others are Saying About This Course:

"This was exactly what I needed. I have good success with flies, but never tried chironomids before. Now I catch fish EVERY time I head to the lake" - Jesse McDonald

"I'd been dreaming of learning to do this for years. I'm so glad I got the chance to learn from the experts." - Jordan E.

"I knew absolutely nothing about these techniques and how successful they are until these guys taught me how. The course is easy to follow, and I'm really grateful to have learned from it!" - Jordan Powers

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We're absolutely sure your will get great value out of this course, ebook, and fly kit. You should too! 

As with all our courses here at Hello Enthusiast, we stand behind our work. Should you be dissatisfied with this course in any way, we provide a 90 day, 100% money-back guarantee, no questions asked!

12 Pack of High Quality Chironomid Flies

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